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Edition I 2021 – Competition for international partnerships

On April 19, 2021, the call for applications for the competition for emerging research fields for funding to develop collaborative international partnerships with leading research institutions under the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” program will be launched.

The competition is aimed at individuals belonging to the scientific team of a given emerging research field within three field groups:

  1. humanities, social sciences and arts;
  2. sciences, natural and technical sciences;
  3. life sciences.

The approval of the head of the respective emerging research field is required for each application submitted by team members.

The purpose of the competition is to enable scientific teams operating within emerging research fields to establish and develop long-term cooperation at the international level with leading research institutions, in particular:

  1. building capacity on the international stage by promoting good practices and innovative solutions aimed at internationalization and addressed by the IDUB program;
  2. organizing exchanges, lectures, study visits to the University or partners, including those involved in the implementation of scientific research and development work;
  3. conducting joint research and development work of international dimension with foreign partners;
  4. developing and implementing a strategy for disseminating the results of research conducted jointly with foreign partners.

Questions about the project can be addressed to: partnerstwa@umk.pl. Applications with the required attachments should be submitted between April 19, 2021 and May 31, 2021 using the application form.