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My First Article in English Workshops/ Mein erster Artikel auf Deutsch

1. Call for applications:

2. Description of the competition:
On March 1, 2022, we begin the next edition of the project of the Department of Practical Foreign Language Teaching in cooperation with the Center for Specialized Languages in Medicine at the Medical College – a series of free language workshops financed by the IDUB fund. The proposal is aimed at second-year undergraduate students, fifth-year students of uniform master’s degree programs and doctoral students of the Medical College. The workshops will be held in a remote system on the MS Teams platform in April. Their goal is to provide participants with the practical knowledge necessary to write and publish an article in English or German.

Within the framework of the workshop, it is planned to launch class groups in English, aimed at representatives of the following areas of science:

  1. Humanities, Theological and Artistic Sciences,
  2. Social Sciences,
  3. Science and Natural Sciences,
  4. Medical Sciences.

Participation in the workshop will improve knowledge of how to write an abstract, correctly construct the various parts of a scientific article, use vocabulary and grammatical structures appropriate to academic writing style, and avoid the most common mistakes made when writing in English or German.

In addition to the 10-hour workshop, participants will receive two 1-hour individual consultations dedicated to analyzing the draft and final versions of the article.

The course and consultations will be conducted by lecturers from the Study of Practical Foreign Language and the Center for Specialized Languages in Medicine who have extensive experience in specialized language classes at UMK departments.

We hope that the workshops will result in valuable publications in foreign languages.

Recruitment is open until March 27, 2022 and is done via email, by sending your application to the following email address: myfirstarticle@umk.pl. The application should include the name and status (student/doctoral candidate, field and year of study/area of study/doctoral school). Eligibility for the workshop is determined by the order of applications.