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Publications – competition for doctoral students

1. Call for applications:
continuous recruitment

2. Contest Description:

Participants of doctoral studies and doctoral students of doctoral schools, excluding those who are members of university centers of excellence, are eligible to participate in the competition. Under the competition it is possible to finance: the fee for providing open access (Open Access) to an article in a scientific journal from Q1 or Q2; the fee for translation or linguistic correction of an article; funding for printing a monograph. Detailed information along with the maximum funding amounts are specified in the rules of the competition. A necessary condition to receive funding for publication costs is to submit an application using the dedicated application form provided in the link below. The competition is conducted on a continuous basis until the amounts allocated for a given calendar year are exhausted. Questions about the project can be sent to publikacje_d@umk.pl.

The application for funding of publication costs should be submitted before the service is rendered and the invoice is delivered – it is not possible to pay the invoice if the funding and order have not been approved beforehand (the relevant order is entered in the xprimer by the IDUB Secretariat). In case of foreign publishers and translators, the requested amount should also include 23% VAT, which the University has to pay. After obtaining the approval for publication financing from IDUB funds, the invoice should be submitted to the IDUB Secretariat immediately after its receipt, together with the date of service.

3. Announcements and documents:

4. Contact:
Contact person: Joanna Bożejewicz, M.A., phone no.: 56 611 31 31.