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tel.: +48 56 611 31 31
e-mail: idub@umk.pl
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1. Call for proposals:
Recruitment: 13.02. – 12.03.2023 – 5th edition

2. Description of the competition:

The aim of the competition is to support the development of scientific activities in line with the four most important goals of the University as a research university (4xI @ NCU), which are: internationalization, interdisciplinarity, innovation and integrity. They include all kinds of preliminary, exploratory and pilot research, queries, research internships, research trips, active  participation in scientific conferences or consultation trips.

The competition is aimed at university researchers who do not currently manage and in the last 5 years have not managed their research grant obtained from external funds.

The amount of co-financing for one project awarded under the competition may not exceed PLN 50,000. The winners of the competition receive financial support in the form of a grant for the implementation of the project submitted for the competition and the possibility of obtaining substantive support in the preparation of grant applications from internal experts.

Applications should be submitted electronically using the application form. Questions about the project can be addressed to debiuty@umk.pl.

3. Announcements and documents:
Consultations are welcome during the call. On-call will be held through the Teams application. Link to the meeting.

4. Contact:
Contact person: Magdalena Murszewska-Król, M.A., phone no.: 56 611 31 31.

5. Results

Edition III 14.02.2022 – 13.03.2022
Edition II 17.04.2020 – 01.06.2020
Edition I 23.12.2019 – 24.01.2020