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GRASP Competition

The GRASP competition was organized by the University’s Center of Excellence for Interaction – Mind, Society, Environment (IMSErt). The purpose of the competition was to support student initiatives engaging in scientific work. These primarily included̨ preliminary, exploratory, pilot research, queries, research trips or the purchase of materials, as well as trips to international conferences abroad and participation in competitions. The competition was aimed at students at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun whose research interests oscillated around the areas represented by the People, Space and Environment (PSE) Team: social and environmental psychology, socio-economic geography, spatial economy, socio-spatial aspects of sustainable development. Information on the Team can be found at https://imsert.umk.pl/centrum/zespol-pse/

The Director of UCD IMSErt, Adam Kola, Ph.D., Prof. UMK, to adjudicate the competition for the 2021 edition, appointed a Competition Committee consisting of:

  1. Dr. Adam Kola, Prof. UMK;
  2. Dr. Adrian Wójcik – Head of the PSE Team;
  3. Krzysztof Rogatka, Ph.D. – Member of the Scientific Council of UCD IMSErt;
  4. Prof. Maria Lewicka, Ph.D. – Member of the PSE Team;
  5. Jadwiga Biegańska, Ph.D., Prof. UMK – Member of the PSE Team;
  6. dr hab. Justyna Chodkowska-Miszczuk, prof. UMK – Member of the PSE Team;
  7. dr Stefania Środa-Murawska – Member of the PSE Team;
  8. dr. Joanna Ulatowska – Member of the Commission from outside the Center;
  9. Michal Bomastyk, M.Sc. – UCD IMSErt administration representative.