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INCOOP – micro-grant competition

The purpose of the competition was to develop the potential of researchers, doctoral students and students by initiating and supporting cooperation between Nicolaus Copernicus University and the socio-economic environment. Teams consisting of at least two persons: an academic employee who was the leader of the team (declaration according to the form), a doctoral student and/or a student (according to the definition of the Beneficiary, detailed in the conditions of the competition contained in the regulations) could apply for funding. The team was obliged to enroll a partner from the socio-economic environment, who was interested in cooperation or implementation of the results of the work carried out under the microgrant. The organizer of the competition was the Academic Business Incubator of UMK.

Within the framework of the call for proposals in question, it was necessary to show as a partner an entity from the socio-economic environment (e.g. economic, public, social entity), which was interested in cooperation or implementation of the results of work carried out under the microgrant. Excluded from this catalog were spin-off companies.

Applications were accepted on a continuous basis by the Academic Business Incubator at UMK only as a scan of documents to the e-mail address: aip@umk.pl until funds were exhausted, in the announced rounds. Round I is a call from 29.06.2020 to 29.07.2020. The next round will be announced after the ranking list of projects of the completed round is made public. Contact for participation in the competition: aip@umk.pl.

On July 22, the template of Appendix No. 2 regarding the Declaration of Doctoral Student/Student has changed. The change relates to the introduction of the missing declaration of the Student, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations: “I declare that the results of the research carried out under the microgrant will be included in the thesis (will be the basis for writing the thesis) within 12 months from the settlement of the microgrant.”

Due to the number of applications, which significantly exceeded the limit of the allocation of funds in the competition, we announce the extension of the deadline for the consideration of applications until 23/09/2020.

Schedule of work of the Investment Council:
– 19.08 – 11.09.2020 – substantive verification of competition applications
– 15.09.2020 – first meeting of the Investment Council (online)
– 21.09.2020 – second meeting of the Investment Council (online), after taking into account the supplements, in accordance with point 4 of the Assessment section of the Competition Regulations
– until 23.09.2020 – announcement of the ranking list

Composition of the Investment Council:

  1. prof. dr. hab. Włodzimierz Jaskólski – Pro-rector for Cooperation with the Social and Economic Environment
  2. dr hab. Wojciech Kujawski, prof. UMK – Chairman of the Implementation and Innovation Council of UMK
  3. Łukasz Rycharski – Plenipotentiary of the Board of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Loan Fund sp. z o.o. Torun
  4. Marta Olszewska – Director of the Office of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Toruń
  5. the AIP UMK team – Justyna Łaskowska, MA, Aleksandra Kalocińska-Szumska, MA, Karina Pokorska, MA.