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Competition – Call for applications for expert support

1 Call for proposals:
Continuous recruitment

2. Competition description:

Recruitment of researchers who wish to benefit from the support provided by experts is carried out on a continuous basis whereas the application in the competition has to be submitted no later than 4 months and no earlier than 6 months before the deadline for submitting an application in the competition for a grant from external funds. Applications for the competition to receive factual assistance from experts should be sent using the application form.Only academic teachers and doctoral students of the University can join this competition.

The application in English should include:

  1. full details of the applicant (name, surname, faculty, unit, scientific discipline, degree or title, career stage, telephone number, e-mail address);
  2. a list of the most important publications from the past 5 years (no more than 10);
  3. the name of the agency, the deadline for submitting the application and the type of grant competition in which the applicant intends to submit a grant;
  4. brief information on the subject matter of the application;
  5. the names of experts from the list whose experience the applicant would like to benefit from (no more than 3). The list of Experts can be found on a separate subpage (link);
  6. commitment to take part in relevant training organised under the programme;
  7. commitment to submit the grant to an external institution financing research activities.

The submitted application is examined by the proposed experts. At the request of the experts, the relevant RNDN will take a decision on
supervision applicants by the expert. One expert may provide supervision to a maximum 5 people in the same time.

The application form – benefit from experts

The application form – team of experts

3. Announcements and documents:

4. Contact:

Contact person: Magdalena Murszewska-Król, M.A., phone no: 56 611 31 31.