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Competition – selection of experts

1 Call for proposals:


2. Competition description:

The competition aims to select a team of experts with experience in obtaining external funds for scientific purposes and in leading teams implementing external research grants. The competition is open only to academic teachers, at least with a doctoral degree, employed at the University, who have implemented and correctly accounted for at least one grant obtained in competitions organized by NCN, NCBiR, NPRH, NAWA, FNP and within the framework of EU programs.

3. Announcements and documents:

Applications for the competition, should be submitted using the application form in accordance with the competition schedule.

The application prepared in English should include:

  1. data of the applicant (name, surname, department, unit, scientific discipline, degree or title, telephone number, e-mail address);
  2. information on directed (ongoing and completed) grants (title, agency, type of competition, years of implementation, amount awarded, number of contractors, list of partners);
  3. indication of the discipline or disciplines in which the submitter is competent and can provide assistance to the person preparing the grant application;
  4. identification of grant agencies and programs (competitions) in which the applicant can provide support to the person preparing the proposal;
  5. indication of the three most important achievements obtained in the last 10 years;
  6. signed statement of the applicant according to Appendix 5 to these Regulations.

4. Contact:

Sekretariat IDUB, Liliana Rynkiewicz M.A., phone no. 56 611 31 31.

5. Results of completed editions:

II edition 2022
I edition 2020