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IMSErt micro-grants – PSE

1. Call for applications:
07.02.2022 – 03.03.2022
Recruitment completed.

2. Description of the competition:
The purpose of the IMSErt – PSE Microgrants competition is to support scientific activities leading to the publication by UMK employees of articles in journals included in Q1 of the Web of Science database, classified as physical geography, environmental studies and social psychology. The current list of journals is attached as Appendix 1 to these regulations. The mini-grant competition is aimed at UMK researchers conducting team research, in topics that fall within the PSE’s area of interest, in the field of social geography. The maximum amount of funding for one project is PLN 10,000 gross. For more information, visit the PSE website: www.imsert.umk.pl/pse.
3. Announcements and documents: