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1. Call for applications:
22.06.2022 – 15.09.2022
Recruitment completed.

2. Competition description:
Applications can be submitted until July 29, 2022 for the STARLIGHT competition, aimed at project teams in the area of atrophysics and astrochemistry.

The main objective of the competition is to activate students and employees (mentors) for research in the area of astrophysics and astrochemistry, and to promote cooperation between the University of Krakow and the socio-economic environment.

The competition is intended for two-person project teams consisting of:

  1. an employee of the University who does not belong to any center of excellence or research team of an emerging research field,
  2. a student in the final year of the University’s undergraduate or graduate full-time program, with a grade point average for the last semester above 4.0.

The Competition will award microgrants in the amount of PLN 30,000.

Competition applications should be submitted in the form of scanned documents to the e-mail address: innowacje@umk.pl by 15.09.2022.

The list of winners of the competition will be announced and forwarded by email to the address from which the competition application was sent.

3. Announcements and documents:

4. Contact:
Joanna Cywińska-Raczkowska, PhD, e-mail: j.cywinska@umk.pl, tel: +48 56 611 26 40.