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Toruń Students Summer Program

The purpose of the Initiative of Excellence – Toruń Students Summer Programs – TSSP (ID-TSSP) competiton is to enable academic cooperation of students from foreign universities and academic workers of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. The cooperation is implemented in the form of a four-week academic intership held by students at the University in the summer months. The cooperation is carried out in the form of a maximum four-week scientific internship, held by students at the University during the summer months. The competition is divided into two stages:

1. Selection of projects implemented in the Toruń Summer Programs for Students.

The competition is aimed at people employed at UMK in the group of academic teachers with at least a doctoral degree and representing a scientific discipline covered by one of the five
Summer Programs specified in the Competition Regulations, who plan to undertake scientific cooperation with students from foreign universities, carrying out research projects together.

2. Recruitment of students: implementation of summer scientific internships within the framework of projects carried out in the Toruń Summer Programs for Students.

The competition is addressed to first- and second-level students from foreign universities who are scientifically active and strongly motivated to carry out the indicated research project.

3. Recruitment of students for the competition Cooperation – Integration – Development – Summer Programs for NCU Students

The competition is addressed to students of the first- and second-level degree programs as unified master’s degree programs implemented at the NCU, who show scientific activity and strong motivation to support the indicated research project.

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