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Priority Research Teams

Priority Research Teams supported as part of ID-UB in 2020-2022

. Name of the Team Leader(s) Discipline Team members
1 Quantum systems for fundamental research group prof. dr hab. Roman Ciuryło Physics Team members
2 Toruń Astrophysics, theoretical Spectroscopy, and Quantum chemistry team dr hab. Katharina Boguslawski, prof. UMK

dr Dariusz Kędziera

Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry Team members
3 Quantum Nanophotonics prof. dr hab. Sebastian Maćkowski Physics Team members
4 Galaxy evolution and structure research group dr hab. Krzysztof Katarzyński, prof. UMK Astronomy Team members
5 Life-sciences, Applications, Nano-photonics – Cutting Edge Technologies dr hab. Maciej Szkulmowski, prof. UMK Physics, Medicine, Computer Science Team members
6 Ergodic Theory and Analytic Number Theory prof. dr hab. Mariusz Lemańczyk Mathematics Team members
7 Interdysciplinary Team for Research, Conservation and Restoration of the Cultural Heritage at NCU prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Basiul

prof. dr hab. Tomasz Ważny

prof. dr hab. Piotr Targowski

Conservation of Monuments, Fine Arts, Physics, Chemistry Team members
8 Group for the evaluation of the functional consequences of endogenously generated DNA modifications dr hab. Daniel Gackowski, prof. UMK Pharmacy, Medicine Team members 
9 Interdisciplinary Innovation in Personalized Medicine Team dr hab. Barbara Bojko, prof. UMK

dr Justyna Kozłowska

dr hab. Anna Bajek, prof. UMK

Pharmacy, Chemistry, Medicine Team members
10 Center for Language Evolution Studies dr hab. Przemysław Żywiczyński, prof. UMK Linguistics, Biology Team members
11 Biomedical & phaRmAceutical InterdiscipliNary group prof. dr hab. Michał Marszałł

prof. dr hab. Iwona Łakomska

Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology Team members 
12 Medically oriented Molecular BIophysics Team prof. dr hab. Wiesław Nowak Physics Team members
13 Regenerative Medicine Team dr hab. Marta Pokrywczyńska, prof. UMK

prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Włodarczyk

prof. dr hab. Tomasz Drewa

Biotechnology, Chemistry, Urology, Surgery, Transplantology Team members
14 Climate Change Research Unit prof. dr hab. Rajmund Przybylak

dr hab. Piotr Oliński, prof. UMK

Earth Sciences, History Team members
15 Phylogenetic and biogeographic approaches to ecological community assembly and cladogensis in global ecosystems and in evolutionary time prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Szpila Biology Team members
16 Environmental Archeology Research Team prof. dr hab. inż. Daniel Makowiecki Archeology Team members
17 Team for Traceology and Residue studies dr hab. Grzegorz Osipowicz, prof. UMK Archeology, Chemistry, Geomorphology Team members
Persons distinguished
18 Bio-Sep prof. dr hab. Bogusław Buszewski Chemistry, Biology Team members
19 Bioinformatics in medical and population genomics prof. dr hab. Tomasz Grzybowski

prof. dr hab. Jarosław Meller

dr hab. Rafał Adamczak, prof. UMK

Medical Biology, Bioinformatics, Medicine Team members
20 CatFlood Research Team dr hab. Piotr Weckwerth, prof. UMK Geomorphology, Geology, Sedimentology Team members
21 Formal Languages and Concurrency dr Łukasz Mikulski Computer Science, Mathematics Team members
22 Multifunctional Nanomaterials Research Group prof. dr hab. Artur Terzyk

prof. dr hab. Jerzy Łukaszewicz

dr hab. Katarzyna Roszek, prof. UMK

Chemistry, Biology Team members
23 Neuroinformatics prof. dr hab. Włodzisław Duch Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Physics Team members
24 Plant-Microbiome Interactions Team prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz Biology Team members
25 Interdisciplinary Centre for Emigration Studies


dr hab. Anna Branach-Kallas, prof. UMK

dr Adam Kola

dr hab. Mirosław Supruniuk

Literary Studies, Linguistics, Archival Science Team members
26 Cytoskeleton Research Group dr hab. Dariusz Grzanka, prof. UMK

dr Maciej Gagat

Medicine, Biological Medicine Team members
27 Centre for Underwater Archaeology dr hab. Andrzej Pydyn, prof. UMK Archeology, Physics, Hydrobiology, Hydrology, Geography Team members
28 Aristotle’s Friends prof. dr hab. Andrzej Pietruszczak Philosophy, Logic Team members
29 Biomaterials and Cosmetics Research Group prof. dr hab. Alina Sionkowska Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine, Biology, Medicine Team members
30 Designing optimal conditions for detailed knowledge of nuclear excitation by electron capture dr hab. Katarzyna Słabkowska, prof. UMK Physics, Chemistry Team members 
31 Philosophical Analyses of Contemporary Social Theories Research Team dr hab. Janusz Grygieńć, prof. UMK

dr hab. Łukasz Dominiak, prof. UMK

Philosophy, Political Science, Economics Team members
32 Urban Soil Environment dr hab. Piotr Hulisz Soil Science, Microbiology, Geoecology, Botany, Ecology, Hydrogeology Team members
33 Team of Photovoltaic, Material Engineering, Applied Physics, Metrology and Power Electronics


dr hab. Anna Zawadzka, prof. UMK

dr hab. inż. Tomasz Tarczewski, prof. UMK

dr hab. inż. Karol Strzałkowski, prof. UMK

Physics, Photovoltaics, Materials Engineering, Electronics, Metrology, Chemistry, Power Electronics Team members
34 Sustainability-Team prof. dr hab. Aldona Glińska-Neweś Management, Economics Team members
35 Late Antique Literature Research Group prof. dr hab. Przemysław Nehring Literary Studies Team members