Excellence Initiative - Research University
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Implementation of competitions

Project cost estimate

In order to properly implement and account for a project funded under the Excellence Initiative – Research University program, the manager of an individual or team research project is required to provide, within 14 days of receiving the funding decision, a completed calculation. The calculations, prepared in accordance with the formula specified for the respective campus on the basis of the cost estimate submitted at the time of the grant application, should be delivered respectively to:

Science Department – Toruń campus Annex Toruń calculation
CM Science and Projects Department – Bydgoszcz campus (Annex Bydgoszcz calculation )

Amending the budget – up to 20% between existing positions in the cost estimation
Where changes to the submitted project cost estimation are necessary, the principle is that a change to transfer funds between items in the cost estimation up to 20% of the original value of the object from which the transfer is made, does not require the approval of the Vice-Rector for science. If you would like to make a change, it is necessary to report it to the relevant department – in Bydgoszcz campus on e-mail: idubcm@cm.umk.pl.

Amending the budget – over 20%
For more significant changes exceeding 20% of the original value of the position, Vice-Rector for science approval is required. Application for this change, drawn up following the model, you should submit it in the Department of Research in Toruń or CM Department of Research and Projects in Bydgoszcz.

Amending the budget – new position in the cost estimation
If you want to introduce a new position in the cost estimate, you need Vice-Rector for science approval, prepared according to the model (new). This document you have to deliver to the above-mentioned suitable department.

If you are from the Bydgoszcz campus and you have some questions about the project, you can write to: idubcm@cm.umk.pl and if you are from Toruń campus – you can write to: idub@umk.pl