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Group of Crystal Engineering and Advanced Solid-State Characterisation

Head: dr hab. Liliana Dobrzańska, prof. NCU

The research group conducts research in the field of Crystal Engineering and Solid-State Chemistry, including:

In addition, the group’s interests include:

Initials – LD, TM, ZR, RS, GT, ŁF – refer to the group members (see personnel file)

Dr. hab. Liliana Dobrzańska, prof. NCU – leads the Crystal and Materials Engineering group within the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy of the Faculty of Chemistry. She spent over 10 years (2004-2015) at foreign centers, such as Stellenbosch University (South Africa) and KU Leuven (Belgium). She was the manager of projects financed by the National Research Foundation, South Africa (NRF) and the National Fund for Scientific Research Flanders, Belgium (FWO). In the period from October 1, 2015 to May 31, 2018, she was the Head of the Crystal Engineering Laboratory at the Center of New Technologies of the University of Warsaw, where she obtained funding from the National Science Center (Sonata Bis). In 2018, she moved to her hometown of Toruń (Faculty of Chemistry, NCU).

Dr. hab. Liliana Dobrzańska, prof. NCU cooperates with many foreign units (Belgium, Spain, Japan, UK, India). Her interests oscillate around structural changes taking place in single-crystals, polymorphism, isostructurality and the design of crystalline functional materials.