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Metabolic Diseases of Civilization

Leader: prof. dr hab. n. med. Jacek Kubica

Atherosclerosis is a lifestyle disease that is the most common cause of death in developed countries. At the basis of this disease there are risk factors which, when coexisting, are referred to as the metabolic syndrome. The aim of the activity of this scientific group is to create new treatment strategies for both people with metabolic disorders determining a high risk of atherosclerosis, and people who have already experienced complications of this disease, in particular myocardial infarction and heart failure.
Current and planned scientific activity is based on observational studies, randomized clinical trials and meta-analyses. In carrying out our projects, we cooperate with scientists from Austria, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Finland, Lithuania, Germany, Canada and the USA as part of the COPERNICUS RESEARCH GROUP network, whose annual meetings are held in Bydgoszcz as part of the International Cardiovascular Research Meetings. Our cooperation is based on the SIRIO MEDICINE – Research Network platform, which we manage (https://siriomedicine.com)

prof. dr hab. Jacek Kubica – Head of the Department of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, CM NCU. After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical Academy in Gdańsk in 1987, he started working at this unit, initially in the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine, and then in the 2nd Department of Heart Diseases. He obtained subsequent degrees of specialization in internal medicine (1st degree in 1991, 2nd degree in 1994) and cardiology (2001). In 2000, he started working at the Medical Academy in Bydgoszcz as the Head of the Department of Cardiology and Internal Diseases. He obtained his doctoral degree in 1992, and Doctor of Science in 1997. In 2006 he was awarded the academic title of professor. Prof. Kubica’s interests include interventional cardiology, treatment of patients with acute coronary syndromes and heart failure. He is the author of numerous scientific publications in this field. Several times his publications influenced the formulation of therapeutic recommendations of international scientific societies. He collaborates scientifically with numerous foreign centers in the USA, Italy, Germany, Austria and South Korea. During his professional activity, he was the beneficiary of prestigious scholarships (1989 – John Paul II Scholarship of the Institute of Christian Culture; 1991 – Scholarship of the University of Pavia; 1993 – Scholarship of the European Society of Cardiology; 1994/95 – Scholarship sponsored by Knoll Italia). Scientific career of prof. J. Kubica also developed at foreign universities – in Italy – Università degli Studi di Pavia; in the Netherlands – Universiteit Leiden; in the USA – Johns Hopkins University). He is the annual organizer of the international cardiology conference – Intervascular Cardiovascular Research Meeting held in Bydgoszcz.