Excellence Initiative - Research University
Contactul. Gagarina 7, 87-100 Toruń
tel.: +48 56 611 31 31
e-mail: idub@umk.pl

Funding to develop cooperation in international partnerships

Under the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” programme members of University Centers of Excellence and Emerging Field are able to obtain funding for activities related to the development of cooperation in international partnership. The aim of this competition is to enable above mentioned teams operating under the emerging research field (EF) establishing and developing long-term cooperation at international level with leading research institutions, in particular:

The maximum amount of funding is 30 000,00 PLN for University Centres of Excellence and 20 000,00 PLN for Emerging Fields.

Submissions for the competition, in accordance with application form, which must be sent via a dedicated online form.


mgr Liliana Rynkiewicz – liliana@umk.pl, tel. 56 611 31 41,
mgr Magdalena Murszewska-Król – magdalena.murszewska@umk.pl, tel. 56 611 41 41